What is L1, L2, and L3 Support Engineering?

Harshana Madusanka Jayamaha

In this article, I’m going to explain about the Software support engineering role with my experience. I was a Level 2 and 3 support Engineer during my career.

L1 — Level 1
L2 — Level 2
L3 — Level 3
Ticket — Incident

L1 support includes interacting with customers, understand their issue and create tickets against it. The ticket then routed to the relevant L2 support ( Integration support, Server & Storage support, etc …). L1 support Engineers have basic knowledge of product/service and skill to troubleshoot a very basic issue like password reset, software installation/uninstallation/reinstallation.

L2 support manages the tickets which routed to them by L1( L2 support also can create tickets against any issue noticed by them). They have more knowledge, more experience in solving related complex issues and can guide/help L1 support folks job in troubleshooting. If the solution not provided at this level then escalate to the L3.

L3 is the last line of support and usually comprise of a development team which addresses the technical issues. They are expert in their domain and handle the most difficult problems. They do the code changes, research and develop the solution for challenging new or unknown issues.